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Office of Procurement, Grants and Contracts

The Office of Procurement, Grants & Contracts (PG&C) was established by law with the approval of the 2006 Constitution of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes. The Office of PG&C is under the Department of Administration and serves a very important role in tribal government.

The Office of PG&C provides two important, yet separate functions —the implementation of procurement practices and the administration of grants and contracts. The services provided by Procurement, as well as Grants and Contracts are designed to achieve the tribe’s economic, social, cultural, health, educational, community and development goals.


Procurement Office:
The Procurement Office is responsible for implementing procurement policies, procedures and practices in support of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes. The procurement policy provides a guideline to all tribal programs of the systematic practices for all purchases of materials, supplies, equipment and services. The Procurement Office ensures that purchases are of the most economical, feasible and highest quality for the price.


Grants and Contracts Office:
The Grants and Contracts (G&C) Office is responsible for maintaining the inventory of all Federal and State funding in the form of direct grants, contracts, or cooperative agreements that have been awarded to the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes. G&C monitors tribal programs administering the funding awards to ensure their compliance with the programmatic requirements of the award and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. In addition, G&C’s oversight includes monitoring the activities of the funding awards to ensure compliance with mandated tribal policies and procedures. G&C also conducts research for available funding sources for tribal programs, submits applications for grants and contracts from various agencies and assists departments and programs with grant proposals and grant/contract renewals.



Program Personnel:
Christine Morton, (Acting) Director/Procurement Specialist – ext. 27545
Connie Yellowman, Grants and Contracts Specialist – ext. 27731
Melissa Buffalomeat, Grants and Contracts Technician – ext. 27756
Virginia Reyes, Encumbrance Clerk – ext. 27523
Ethel Blindwoman, Procurement Clerk – ext. 27401

Procurement Office – (405)422-7716
Grants & Contracts Office – (405)422-1161